Skier triggered wind slab, Big Sky

Big Sky Resort
Northern Madison
"Today a partner and I dropped in on a  ne facing chute just out of big resort boundry,  1 by 1 we both put a series of cuts in  the top half of the chute, which had about a foot of snow on top of a firm surface, the snow was  slightly wind  affected but not firm or slabby feeling. As we advanced we discussed another series of slope cuts was smart as we approached the second rollover. My partner again dropped first lightly cutting the slope, when he reached a safe spot under some rocks and away from the rollover. Next  I delivered some hard slope cuts and on my first I cut loose  a 7ft acrossx5ft about 12-14in deep chunk of soft slab wh slab then triggered a slab ju slab elow about 40ft across x20 same depth which continued the second half  of the chute. We did not go out thinking there's gonna be slabs and we will deal them, we we're on our toes thats what kept us from going for a ride but  I would say a bad situation to get in. The runout was clean and the debris seemed not to be deeper than 2 ft maybe."
Number of slides
Number caught
Number buried
Avalanche Type
Soft slab avalanche
Trigger Modifier
u-An unintentional release
R size
D size
Bed Surface
O - Old snow
Problem Type
Wind-Drifted Snow
Slab Thickness units
Single / Multiple / Red Flag
Single Avalanche
Advisory Year