Natural Avalanche on Emigrant Peak

From obs (2/5/22): "Attempted to ski the SE Couloir on Emigrant Peak today. As we approached, we noticed recent avalanche debris in the runout zone of the line. We approached carefully and it looked to be somewhat recent in the last few days. Not buried by much recent snow but also did not look fresh as of that day. I am guessing it was triggered by a collapsed cornice but with poor visibility it was challenging to see any sort of crown or broken cornice above us. We did not ski the couloir. I dug a pit in the open east facing bowl below at 9200 ft. The snowpack was between 55-75cm deep. In this location, the bottom 30cm of the snowpack were very large, well-developed facets with some depth hoar. I got ECTN 14 about 45cm up and ECTX on the facet/midpack interface (30cm up)." Photo: H. Darby

Advisory Year
Out of Advisory Area, 2022-02-05