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Eric Knoff

Published in CBU November Newsletter

The day dawns cold and clear with a foot of fresh snow and the promise of incredible powder riding. At the trailhead, the surrounding landscape sparkles like a field of diamonds and the anticipation of a magical day in the mountains builds.

Sled covers are hastily removed and the machines are fired up - the smell of exhaust fills the air. Feeling confident about preparations, members of the group do a quick gear check and then hop on their machines, pinning their throttles towards the backcountry and a day of powder riding.

Mark Staples


YES. Portable electronics like phones, radios, GPS, cameras, etc. will interfere with an avalanche beacon (aka avalanche transceiver).  Is it a problem? The interference is significant and may prevent you from finding a buried partner. These electronic devices typically need to be turned on to cause interference. Snowmobiles with running motors and electrical circuits will also cause interference.

Eric Knoff

Staying on top during the Bozeman Ice Festival

By: Eric Knoff

Avalanche Forecaster - Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center

Blue ice clings to canyon walls, creating a colorful contrast to the steep rock faces of Hyalite Canyon. Climbers inch their way up the frozen surface with axes and crampons, many having traveled from around the world to experience this world class venue.

Doug Chabot

I just got back from a dawn patrol ski tour in the Bridgers! Yesterday’s snowstorm dumped heaps of snow at the higher elevations and the skiing was the better than I ever would have guessed.

Ok, I’m joking.  But admit it, you got a little excited, didn’t you?


Good Morning!