Avalanche Fatality, Truman Gulch

1 skier caught, partially buried and killed

On February 26, 2019 a 36 year old male skier (Skier 1) was caught and killed in an avalanche on the west side of the Bridger Range near Bridger Bowl Ski Area. He accessed backcountry terrain by riding the Schlasman’s Chairlift at Bridger Bowl before leaving the ski area boundary to the west. At approximately 1400 hours he dropped into a northwest facing slope at the top of the St. Lawrence Sl Slide ath and made one sk ski cut ithout results before entering the main path. After two or three turns the sl slide roke above him which caught and carried him approximately one thousand vertical feet through trees where he came to rest near the toe of the debris. The sl slide as witnessed by two skiers (Skier A and Skier B) who were ascending a skin tr track earby. Skiers A and B immediately transitioned into downhill ski mode, began a search and quickly picked up a transceiver signal which led them to a hand sticking out of the snow. They uncovered Skier 1 within 10 minutes and began CPR which was unsuccessful. Skier 1 died of trauma. The sl slide roke 1-3’ deep, 150’ wide and ran a total 1,000’ vertical. The avalanche is classified SS-ASu-R3-D2.5-O.