Small point release, Cooke

From obs on 4/6/20: "I got tagged by a small point release today. Skinning up the Republic Mountain ridgeline I had stopped to pull skins because it was apparent from hand-pit that the new snow was not bonding well with the old snow interface. I was looking down slope so didn’t actually see the release, but think it was a natural point release that I just happened to be standing in the way of, at least I didn’t feel any collapse so it didn’t seem like I had remotely triggered it.  

Restricted to new snow ~ 6” deep and ran for about 80 vertical feet. Point release in rock band at  ~8,980 to toe at where I was standing at 8,900’ on ESE aspect on ~35° slope ( 45.004, -109.942). IWx: Overcast, warm (35°+), calm, snowing heavy at time (0.6 SWE at Fisher Creek SNOTEL in 10 hr.)."

Advisory Year
Cooke City, 2020-04-07