Regional Conditions for Dillon Area

6700′     10-22 13:16
Wind15 mph
Gusts 19 mph
7422′     10/22 at 12:00
3″ Depth
7422′     10-22 13:16
Wind 4 mph
Gusts 11 mph
8,300′   10/22 at 12:00
3″ Depth

Snow Observations-Dillon Area

Avalanche Activity-Dillon Area

Dillon Area
Birch Creek
Numerous Naturals in East Pioneers
Incident details include images
Birch Creek
Coordinates: 45.4323, -112.8980
Caught: 0 ; Buried: 0
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Photos of Snow Conditions- Dillon Area

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  • Most every rollover had a small 10-20cm crown, likely these released mid-storm during most intense precipitation (3-5cm per hour). 

  • Digging snowpit profile with the intro class, some interesting layers were found. We toured off the top of Maverick Mountain to the true summit West of the top lift terminal. A great day with an energetic group.

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Videos of Snow Conditions in the Dillon area